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Category Archives: Case Studies-2nd Level

How Much Time Do Students Worldwide Spend In Classrooms?

How Much Time Do Students Worldwide Spend In Classrooms? How Much Time Do Students Worldwide Spend In Classrooms? – When we compare education systems around the world (which we do, quite often) to see what’s working and what isn’t, one of the metrics we often see is ‘school life expectancy’, otherwise known as how many Continue Reading

I feel all over the Place

This 5th year student declared that she felt totally confused around her career

“I think I am interested in everything! Whenever I hear about any career I think: ‘Oh yeah, I would love to do that!’ How am I ever going to choose just one career?”

She Could do Anything

This 18 year old was a 6th year student. She had been a straight ‘A’ student all through school. While that was wonderful on an academic level, it presented a challenge on the career level. Her Mum explained her position very clearly:

I hate school!

The first time the Career Guidance Counsellor clapped eyes on this 16year old, 4th year boy, it was very obvious that he would have far preferred to have been elsewhere!

I just don’t have time for all this Career Stuff!

“I have to spend all day in school, do 3 hours study a night on 7 subjects, make sure I get loads of points and yet I am asked to trawl through thousands of careers, fill out forms, do a career project and decide what I am going to do when I leave school! I just don’t have time for all this career stuff!!”

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