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Category Archives: Case Studies-3rd Level

Going to College: New Systems – New Challenges

Many thoughts will occupy your mind as you prepare for college.  Will I make new friends? Will I fit in? Will I be academically able for my chosen course of study? You may also be worried about moving away from home.  Rest assured that most of your concerns will pass without too much complication and Continue Reading

School’s out: 10 ways life is better after the Leaving

1. No more school uniforms. If you have done well enough in the Leaving and don’t have to repeat, you are now free to wear your own clothes all the time. No more stretched, hand-me-down, navy, sweaty, sodding school jumpers, yellowy white shirts, school ties, shiny about-to-rip trousers/grey platted ankle-length skirts and horrible, mandatory black Continue Reading

College Isn’t for Me

This First Year student was not doing well in exams. He was not enjoying his university experience.

“I don’t think College is for me. I think I should have started working straight after my Leaving Cert”

I want you to be a Success

The 19 year old girl had spent 3 months in College in First Year. In her first assessment she had failed all of her subjects. Her Mother contacted our office saying:

“She does not seem to be getting on very well. Could you help with her motivation?”

I Just Fell into This

He is really down. He feels that all his friends know what they are doing and he is the only one that is failing.” The Mother of a 20 year old young man in University explained.

This student had started a Science degree. He failed his First Year, but passed the repeats. Now at the start of Third Year, he really feels he is doing the wrong thing and that he has totally wasted nearly three years. He told the counsellor that he finds it really hard to go to lectures as he is not doing well and has no clear idea of where he is going.

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