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Category Archives: Job Seekers

Restarting Your Job Search in the New Year

The holiday season is officially over, which means it’s back to the grind for employees who have been enjoying vacation time and work-from-home days. It also means that companies are gearing up to meet their personnel demands for 2015. “Oftentimes, companies have just re-evaluated their budget and departmental needs, and are prepared to bring in Continue Reading

New Year Career Inspiration

If you’re struggling being back at work right now, this wise advice from JK Rowling, Steve Jobs and other great leaders could be the inspiration you need. They’re the speeches given to US university students just before they graduate – but the advice they contain applies to anyone. We’ve rounded up five inspiring commencement speeches Continue Reading

Job Interview: The 5 Questions YOU Must Ask | LinkedIn

“So, what questions do you have for us?” It’s the inevitable question that comes at the end of nearly every job interview — and yet it’s the one question job seekers rarely have prepared an answer to. And when people do think to prepare for this part of the interview, they often ask bland stock Continue Reading

Simple Question: What’s Your Purpose?

It sounds simple enough: but what is your purpose? Surprisingly, many of us seem to have no idea. We might say our purpose is to earn enough money to pay the bills. Or maybe much more. So what’s yours? Just write down, “My purpose is to…” and trust your unconscious, which knows a lot more Continue Reading

10 Calculated Risks That Lead To Startup Success

There is an old saying that good lawyers run away from risk, while good businessmen run towards risk. Entrepreneurs see “no risk” as meaning “no reward.” In reality, all risks are not the same. Many risks can be managed or calculated to improve growth or provide a competitive edge, while others, like skipping quality checks Continue Reading

Why It’s So Hard to Find Your Life’s Purpose 

Every being is intended to be on earth for a certain purpose.” — Sa’di, 12th Century Persian poet. I’m often asked, “Why can’t I find the purpose of my life?” Over the decades I’ve heard many men and women — whether they’re psychotherapy patients working to build healthier lives or business executive trying to create Continue Reading

How To Talk About Your Biggest Weaknesses In A Job Interview

You’re in the hot seat and things are going well. You talk about your attributes, skills and strengths with ease. Just when you think it’s pretty much in the bag, the hiring manager asks that dreaded question: What’s your biggest weakness? “This is one of the questions people have the hardest time answering,” says Amanda Continue Reading

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