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Category Archives: Parents

Going to College: New Systems – New Challenges

Many thoughts will occupy your mind as you prepare for college.  Will I make new friends? Will I fit in? Will I be academically able for my chosen course of study? You may also be worried about moving away from home.  Rest assured that most of your concerns will pass without too much complication and Continue Reading

How To Set Your Kids Up for Success

  Someone asked me what it is to be a working mom. The said they imagined it as going home from the office, cooking, and picking up the dirty underwear. That could be one reality. But it isn’t mine. I am a hard-working mom, a CEO, a wife, and a mother of four. For me, Continue Reading

Because the Leaving Cert is such an important event, many students feel stressed around this time. When we are stressed, we tend to lose things, forget things or break things. This is when the “Parental Stash” comes in most useful. From years of dealing with Leaving Cert students and their parents, I have heard so Continue Reading

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