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    Are you not sure of the course you have chosen or wondering what to do after graduation

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Third Level Students (Graduates below)


Are you unsure about the course you are doing at Third Level?

Are you considering a change?

Do you need some clear career direction?


Don’t suffer through College – enjoy the experience!



Things Students Say:

I hate my College course! I want to drop out of college!

Don’t worry; this happens to so many students. The course you thought was going to be great, turns out to be very different. A large number of students make very successful changes.
We are here to make sure that you really enjoy your college experience!

I feel such a failure – all my friends love their courses!

Changing course is not a failure. It takes courage to step back and find out what you are really good at and discover what you really want. Most students start straight away the following year. Finding the right course for you is the most courageous thing you can do!

How we can Help:

  • We put you back on track!
  • We put you back on track by guiding you through a process in which you find out what you are really good at and what you love doing.
  • We go through a uniquely designed Career Assessment System which identifies a career areas which would really suit you.
  • What do you really want to be?
  • We go through each option which is now available to you.
  • Together, we identify you next best career step and how you are going to take it.


  • Have you just left your Third Level Course?
  • Are you unsure what you would wish to do now?
  • Do you need some clear career direction?

Using the Career Assessment System, we identify your strongest talents. In a further career counselling session, we explore what is the next best career step for you. Will it be further study or would you be happier entering into the world of work?

What you will learn:

  • Detailed feedback on the results of your assessments.
  • What career activities you are most interested in and which work environment would call for these.
  • Work environments which would be must compatible with your personality, should you wish to work straight away.
  • How to reflect your skills and talents in your CV.
  • Information on Post Grad Level courses which would most suit you, should you wish to do further study.
  • How this Post Grad course will fit in with your future career plans