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Second Level Students


Are  you in Transition Year and  want  to choose your Leaving Certificate Subjects?

Are you in Fifth Year and need to clarify your career direction?


Or are you in Sixth Year and just about to complete your CAO form?



Andrée Harpur can help you. She has helped literally thousands of students gain valuable insights into their careers. She has developed a unique system of Career Assessment that will help you find your strongest skills and link these with a career you will love.

You will discover:

  • Which school subjects would be most useful to you in terms of your career choice .
  • Information on courses which would most suit you.
  •  Advice on filling out your CAO  form or other relevant college forms.
  •  Detailed feedback on the results of your assessments.
  • What career activities you are most interested in and which work environment would call for these.
  •  Work environments which would be must compatible with your personality

All of the assessments can be completed in your own time, online, and are assessed by Andrée and ready before the first meeting, thus saving you much time!

 Questions Students Ask:

Q. How do I choose subjects for Fifth Year?

A. Pick subjects you enjoy!
Don’t worry, we all have natural skills and talents – so do you! Some subjects will suit you better than others. We will identify  which subjects you are naturally good at and advise you to choose these in 5th year. In this way, you can choose subjects you will enjoy most and achieve best in.

Q.Which career should I choose?

A. Andrée knows how confusing it can be to pick a career from the many thousands on offer. She also knows that you are busy preparing for your Leaving Certificate – you don’t have to do this on your own! Andrée can shorten this whole process for you.
Take a short cut!  Together,we select courses for you which will be most suitable for you and allow you follow the career you will most enjoy.

Q.Can you help me fill out my CAO form?

A. Absolutely! Once we are clear on your career area, Andrée will suggest the most suitable courses and which ones should be your first priority. She shows you how easy this form can be to complete.
The CAO – made easy!