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The ‘Available Places’ facility opens

Available Places – CAO – Careers and Education News

The ‘Available Places’ facility opens for new and existing CAO applicants Tuesday, 22 August at noon.

The CAO Available Places facility will open tomorrow, Tuesday, 22 August at noon. ‘Available Places’ are places that remain unfilled in particular courses after all offers have been made and waiting lists have been exhausted.


The ‘Available Places’ facility will be open to new applicants for a fee of 40 euro – an application can be made by clicking on the ‘Available Places’ link on the CAO website.


Existing applicants can simply login to the ‘My Application’ facility and select ‘Add Level 8 Available Place’ or ‘Add Level 7/6 Available Place’ – there is no extra charge for existing applicants.

Read more at:

Available Places – CAO

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