Online Career Consultancy System (Adult)


Our mission is to help you identify your natural talents and to use these in a career you love.

This program will allow you to work from the comfort of your own home, at the same time tapping into a highly professional Career Consultancy service. We help you identify your natural skills and talents and use these in a career you love.

We provide you with a Full Career Assessment System Testing on line.     

We give you plenty of time to comfortably learn how to go through this process. This is a two hour consultation on line with a professional Career Guidance Counsellor

Through our expert Career Assessment System you identify your natural skills and talents.  In other words, you now know what you are good at – and now you can start using these skills.

You identify which career activities excite you and which work environments would suit you best.

You discover which work environments compliment your personality to the maximum.

You explore what motivates you on a deep level and research what career would allow you to develop this passion.

Perhaps for the first time, you discover which intelligences you are strongest in. These are natural intelligences that you are using all the time, perhaps without realising it. We show you how to put these intelligences to work in ways that you will really enjoy.

We look at what you would like to achieve in your personal life and plan for a stimulating interaction between your personal life and your career goals.

We make out a practical career plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to go. This is step by step advice to help you on your way.

We give you a full range of website links of all the information and courses you need to plan your career.

We send you a full written report of our entire discussion. In this way you don’t have to remember everything and you can refer to this valuable information whenever you need it in the future.

Of course, if you need any further help, we are always delighted to work with you again.

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