The Career Assessment System is a batch of assessments designed to help you identify your natural talent and abilities and assess what you’d really like to do. We work towards a career that will allow you use these skills in an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and happy.

In our research we found that when we are using our natural gifts and talents at work, we are more comfortable. When we are more comfortable, we are more productive and when we are more productive, we are happier.

That is why at Andree Harpur & Associates, we always go back to basics. We go to the root of your natural skills. We ask – what work environment will call for your natural talents.
We then construct a Career Plan that will bring you from where you are now to the Career where you use your natural skills to the maximum – and feel happy at work!

The Career Assessment System is very clear and structured. We use it in such a way that we can get a clear view of your unique situation. We can then lead you on your own individual process towards a career solution which is tailor made for you.

There are two stages: The Assessment stage and the Feedback stage.

The Assessment Stage:

What is your natural flow and what career areas would you naturally gravitate towards? We will identify your natural strengths and ask what career areas would call for these.

How long does the Career Assessment System take?

The assessments can be completed online and each takes about 15 minutes to complete. It is not necessary to do them all together. You can do one and save it and come back and do the others whenever you have time.  As this can be done in your own time before you meet Andrée, it maximizes your time together.

The next stage is the Feedback stage, where you meet with our consultants. You learn what your strongest natural skills are. We then explore in which work environment you could use these most effectively.

Once the Career Assessment is completed, you’ll have a much clearer picture of your career direction, and it will make your job search easier and more focused.