You are thinking of changing your career! Well done! It takes courage to even do the research – and you have already started!

We have helped thousands of people in similar situations as yourself. Our consultants are qualified to Master’s degree level. So you have come to the right place!

Are you asking any of these Questions?

Do you think you have potential you have never used?

Do you feel that there is a suitable career out there for you but you have no idea how to find it?

Have you lost satisfaction and meaning in your current career?

Do you feel like you are under-selling yourself in how you use your skills and potential currently?

Do you feel “stuck in a rut”?

Do you know that you need to update your skill base but are not quite sure where to start?

If at least one of these questions rings true for you, then this service is made for you!


Whether you want to totally change career, or simply identify your niche and focus on a specific area, we can point you in the right direction.

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Our Mission


Our mission is to help you identify your natural talents and to use these in a career you love.

Research has shown that when we use our natural skills and talents in the workplace, we are more comfortable.

When we are more comfortable we are more productive.

When we are more productive we are happier.

We will help you to tap into your natural skills and grow to love your career.

We have over 25 years helping thousands of people to find their career direction; we would love to work with you too!

How the Career Assessment System helps you to Reach Your Goal


Through our expert Career Assessment System you identify your natural skills and talents and plan how to use these in work you love.

You identify which career activities excite you and which work environments would suit you best.

You discover which work environments compliment your personality to the maximum.

You explore what motivates you on a deep level and research what career would allow you to develop this passion.

Perhaps for the first time, you discover which intelligences you are strongest in. These are natural intelligences that you are using all the time, perhaps without realising it. We show you how to put these intelligences to work in ways that you will really enjoy.

We look at what you would like to achieve in your personal life and plan for a stimulating interaction between your personal life and your career goals.



For those of you out there who feel weary of your existing work and are not sure where to look, Andree Harpur will clear the mist and point you forward. I have given this number to many people since I attended and each time she has hit the nail on the head.

Money well spent”. (Mary)

To reserve your Career Consultation with our Career Experts or with Andree Harpur please press here.

How does this Work?


The Career Assessment System consists of two stages:

  1. The Assessment Stage
  2. The Feedback Stage

We use scientifically validated psychometric testing and in-depth interviews.

We guarantee the highest quality of information for you to make a sound decision.

The Assessment Stage:


This stage consists of 4 psychometric questionnaires which will be completed by you before we meet. These are all completed online.

They take on average two hours to complete altogether, but you can complete them one by one if this is more suitable.

These psychometric questionnaires have been approved by the British Psychological Society.

It is important to bear in mind that there is no such thing as a “bad” result. Whatever scores emerge for you are the perfect ones for you.

We ask our clients to fill out these questionnaires as quickly and as spontaneously as they can. This is in order to bypass the critical and filtering part of our minds that tries to control anything that is unfamiliar to us. Here are the questionnaires that you will work with…

1. The Interest Inventory:

You discover what work environment you would naturally gravitate towards if all blocks and obstacles were taken out of your way. This profile reveals career areas which would excite and stimulate you.

2. The Personality Profile:

This profile tracks your natural personality traits. You feel most comfortable when you are using these aspects of your personality. You have had these traits since you were very small. Every work environment calls for different mind sets. We explore work environments in which you will use your most comfortable mind set to best effect. These are the aspects of your personality you will be most happy using in the work place.

3. The Motivation Questionnaire:

This profile shows what values are most important to you. For you to be happy in the work place, your work must reflect your deepest values. This will allow you to commit to your career in the longer term. When your work reflects these qualities, you can then be most effective, productive and happy.

4. Natural Intelligences:

There are many different intelligences. This profile shows which intelligences you use most naturally, probably without even realizing it. By identifying these intelligences, you can then choose a career that uses these to best effect. When you use these intelligences in the work place you will feel more comfortable and happy. You may even discover that aspects of yourself that you previously thought were weaknesses, could in fact be strengths!

These questionnaires are completed online, and can be done in your own time. Once they are complete, you send them back to us. We then compile all of this data into a comprehensive report which will be explored at the Feedback Stage (See below).

You may even discover that aspects of yourself that you previously thought were weaknesses, could in fact be strengths!

The Feedback Stage:


This stage is 100% tailored to your needs and expectations. The duration of this session is usually 2 hours. There are 4 stages:

1. Career History:

We explore and identify patterns in your career history to date. We discuss the achievements you are most proud of in the past and how you would like to see your career progressing in the future.

2. Identifying Overall Patterns:

We study the scores of each questionnaire in depth. We look at the overall patterns and see how these can map out your future career progression.

3. Work/Life Balance:

We all know that life is never just about work. We are only really happy when we have a harmonious balance between our work lives and our personal lives. We explore what commitments and goals you have for your personal life. We then explore what future career choices would be most suitable to produce a harmonious balance between your public and personal life. We ask:

“How would you like your life to link into your work and your work to link into your life?”

4. Career Action Plan.

The Career Action Plan is made up of individual steps that you can take towards realising you new career path. We also provide you with the most up to date website links.

5. Final Report:

When our session is completed, we compile your final report. This will be sent to you via email. This final report summarises everything we discussed in the feedback session. In this way, you can fully engage with the feedback session without feeling any pressure to remember anything. This report is especially tailor-made for you.

It is important to bear in mind that the Career Assessment System is a process and is not suitable for those who require a “quick fix”.

We look forward to helping you to transform your working life!