+Why can’t I do this for myself?

Of course, you are generally aware of what you can do and what you don’t like doing. However, just as we cannot easily see the back of our own heads, we may not fully appreciate the breadth and depth of our own talents.Even when we do, we may not know how to put them to good use in the work place. Career Guidance gives you an objective pattern of your gifts and talents and shows you how to put these to good use at work.· Career Guidance helps you to identify your natural skills and talents and how to use these to best effect in the work place.· Career Guidance also provides you with the opportunity to look objectively at yourself without any agenda or interference from others.

+How can the Career Assessment System help me?

Through our expert Career Assessment System you identify your natural skills and talents and plan how to use these in work you love. You identify which career activities excite you and which work environments would suit you best.· You discover which work environments compliment your personality to the maximum.· You explore what motivates you on a deep level and research what career would allow you to develop this passion.· Perhaps for the first time, you discover which intelligences you are strongest in. These are natural intelligences that you are using all the time, perhaps without realising it. We show you how to put these intelligences to work in ways that you will really enjoy.· We look at what you would like to achieve in your personal life and plan for a stimulating interaction between your personal life and your career goals.

+Do you offer Skype calls?

Yes we do! As many of our clients are based all over the country, and often outside Ireland, it is far easier for them to work with us on line. We also offer Skype consultations outside working hours during weekday evenings. You just need to have a good broadband connection and access to a laptop as our career consultation will last 2 hours.

+Can you help me find a Job?

The responsibility of a recruitment agency is to actually find you a job.

The problem is that if you are unhappy at work and you go to a recruitment agency, they will find you more of the same job! We help you to change career.· We help you to change career if you are unhappy in your present one!· We find out what career you would be really comfortable and happy in.· We also help you to build a Paper Bridge between the job you are in at the moment and where you want to go. This means that we look at what extra training or qualifications you would need in order to access the career you love. Once you know what you want and you have the necessary training, you can then contact a recruitment agency to source that particular career for you. In short, we help you discover the career you want and prepare you for it; the recruitment agency can then find it for you! Our role is to first ensure that you’re on the kind of career path that is right for you.

+Do you help fill out CVs as part of the Career Assessment System?

We consider CVs as being very important documents that you will use again and again. That is why they deserve a separate service.

Our service is unique in that we help you:
Present the information on your CV n the most relevant and compelling way.
We study the competencies that the company is looking for in their job search.
We then ensure that your CV reflects these competences most accurately and compellingly.
We will also indicate the most important points of your CV that you will then prepare for your interview, (See our Interview Preparation Link)
We will then format your CV using the most modern and efficient lay-outs.
You now have a relevant and compelling document that will open the door to a career you love.
We have designed a Skype service that will provide you with the convenience of being able to do this from your own space yet keep the in-depth exploration that will provide you with a unique and effective CV.
Because we take CVs so seriously this is not a quick fix. You need to be ready to invest time and effort into the process. We can guarantee that you will be glad that you did!

+What Tests do you use?

We use the most up to date, sophisticated Psychometric tools: The tests we use are of the same standard as those used in large corporates. People ask us why we need to use such sophisticated tools.We say that we know you are making, not only a career choice, you are making a life choice. It is really important for you to choose your next best step. This next best step will you on a path where you will continue to develop your career throughout your life. At this point you need to make the most informed decision they can. We use the best tools to ensure you have the best information.
+Do I get a Report?

Yes you do. You get a comprehensive written report of:· The pattern of your strengths that emerge from each assessment.
A full written account of all that was discussed during the session. This means that you do not have to take notes, you can participate fully in our feedback session.
A comprehensive list of Careers which would call for your natural skills and talents.
A detailed list of website links of the most efficient and effective courses that would enable you to access this new career area.
We help you construct a comprehensive Career Plan that details the steps you will take to make your new career a reality.
+I have a Family and Financial Commitments. I get very anxious when I think about Changing Career.

We never lose sight of the fact that a career decision is rarely made in a vacuum. We are constantly focused on achieving a healthy work/life balance for our clients. We help you identify how you would like your personal life to link in with your work, and your work to link in with your personal life. We take a holistic approach, making sure that each area of your life is balanced.We are very aware that your work life and your personal life are very interlinked. If there are elements of your work life that are making you very unhappy or anxious, this will necessarily impact very much on your personal life.
Likewise, if you are experiencing pressure in your personal life, this will also impact on decisions you will make in your work life. Our mission is to achieve a balance that will realise your ambitions in work, but will also flow around the most important priorities in your personal life. We are very aware of the Personal Commitments that you have and that you would like to meet in your personal life and our career decisions will be made within this context. Therefore our career advice will also will always take into account not only the factors in your work life, but also the factors that are extremely important to you in all aspects of your life.

+Do you do Weekend Consultations?

This is a question that many of our clients ask.At the moment we do not have the capacity to provide weekend sessions. However it is in our future plans to facilitate our clients and to provide this as part of our service. At the moment, we provide Skype Consultations in the evening time, starting at 7 p.m. Please do let us know if this service would suit you better.