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EU data protection laws give you a range of rights in relation to your personal data, for example: erasure, rectification and subject access. Information about your rights can be found on the Data Protection Commission’s website.

To ask questions, or complain about how we process your personal data, please contact . You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Commission

If you wish to correct any information held by our company about you, please contact


Career Guidance is not something we would want other people, particularly potential employers, to know about if we have gone through with it.

For that reason, like any kind of therapy or counselling, we have a very strict code of confidentiality with our clients, and will not share any information (read: personality profile and career assessment report) regarding the client with anyone else (including to one’s family).

Please note however that once the information we have created for you is handed over to you, you are solely responsible to maintain your own discrepancy, which inclues sharing your information with others as well as ensuring your own online storage of such information (we recommend storing your personality profile  and report in a USB drive rather than to your computer, which can be hacked). We accept no responsibility, nor are we liable for, any breach of information once the information has been passed over to you.


Payment Information

Any payments that are made online are fully encrypted on both sides, that is, via our website as well as the third parties we use for payment (WooCommerce & GoCardless Ltd.) This is to ensure the most stringent security possible for your credit card/bank account details.

Please note that Andree Harpur & Associates does NOT store its client’s payment details, either in digital or written form.

To ensure your own personal security online, you are advised NOT to automatically save any payment details online when offered to do so by your own internet browser. If you take this action, we accept no responsibility for your choice to do so.

Please note that we are not liable nor are we able to accept responsibility for any data breaches that happen which are completely outside of our control (examples including third party payment systems being hacked, encryption software being cracked by hackers, or spyware/malware being used on your own device which was tracking your online activity and typing etc).

By paying through our website, you understand that all possible measures have been taken to stringently guard your online payment details.

Information We Keep About You

Andree Harpur & Associates keeps the following information about its clients:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Personality Profile (KornFerry/TalentQ)
  • Assessment Report

All of this information is maintained in the case that a follow-up is required, and we need a quick reference to pick up from where we left off from our face-to-face assessment).

Names, numbers and emails are stored to allow follow-ups to be easily arranged, as well as to arrange for call-backs if they are requested on our contact page.