How suitable is this process for international students and how does it benefit their parents?

But first, why studying in Ireland is an excellent choice for international students for the following reasons.


  • International Recognition & Prestige. Ireland is blessed with one of the foremost respected universities in the world: Trinity College. Also, Irish university qualifications are highly recognised and respected on a global level. This is essential if one is likely to work internationally in one’s future.


  • Cost. Ireland is far more reasonable for university costs and the value offered than countries like the USA or the United Kingdom. Costs range on average €14,000/year. Ireland is also a fast-rising leader in medical and technological innovation.


  • Student support. Irish academic institutions in general offer fantastic student support, both in terms of making their stay and integration easier, as well as student study support.


  • Smaller class sizes and less distraction… As Ireland is a small country, that naturally leads to smaller classes, which is beneficial for student attention, participation and feeling involved in their studies. Also, fun activities like partying are usually done in premises outside the institution,  which allows one to more easily mentally separate between work and leisure.


  • Proximity to Europe. This is important if one is doing studies involving doing an Erasmus programme. This is a programme that allows students to study at a university in another European Union country for a year, in order to learn the language as well as the culture.
  • It is also useful if one is studying a major European and world language as part of their degree, such as Spanish, German, French or Russian.
  • As a bonus, it means one is able to travel and discover much more cultural variety if one wishes to do a quick weekend trip or have a holiday.


While not relevant to study itself, there are other very important human factors to consider. How we feel in an institute or culture will also determine our success in university to a large degree. The following factors are important to consider:


  • Large international body. Ireland as a country has a population of 4.5 million, roughly 20% of which have at least one non-Irish parent. Ireland also has a large international student body, which means that no matter one’s background, there is a greater possibility for the student to find a place in Irish society, rather than feel isolated and foreign. It also means that making life-long friends is a much smoother process for the student.


  • Welcoming culture. The Irish are renowned worldwide for being welcoming, easy-going and easy to talk to. While this is not the case 100% and one may find exceptions, a few rotten apples needn’t spoil the whole basket. Cities with large student populations like Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway are known to be tolerant and understanding. Racism and arbitrary prejudice is strictly frowned upon (officially speaking) and any harassment will be received and acted upon. This can be especially counted upon in academic institutions.


  • Easier pace of life. Being a small country, Ireland’s main cities are known to have a homely, small-town feel to them, which means everything feels closer, and one is able to “stop and smell the roses” more easily, unlike in large metropolises like London. An easy pace of life, feeling close to the main sights and feeling right at home are very essential needs for any student. Judging by size and culture, Ireland is very likely to offer those very needs.


  • Safety. Ireland is very safe, even compared to other major Western countries. As long as one sticks to common sense and safety rules, one is most likely to stay safe and sound. In the unlikely case that something does go wrong, there are student council bodies that ensure the student has a safe space to open up and not remain isolated or burdened by hiding one’s trauma. Women are also given a voice and will be listened to.


Who is this suitable for?


This is suitable for those who have children in secondary/high school and are based abroad.

There are several situations that face parents of such children.

  • The children may not know what clear direction to take once they finish school, and what options to pursue.


  • They might consider moving to Ireland for university and need specialized guidance on what courses and which universities would best suit them.


  • The family, along with the children, might need to move countries quite often for their job. As a result, may need to move to Ireland, while their children begin the process of going to university.


Why work with us? 

The value for both students & parents

First and foremost, the parents can rest assured by knowing that we are objective. We are not affiliated with any university in Ireland in particular, and we have no financial incentive to send them to anywhere in particular for our own limited interests (which is why we recommend talking to a third party and not the universities themselves).

This process also heavily reduces information overload as well as paralysis by analysis.

Parents can be relieved of having to figure out the path for their child and trying to influence their path without it causing a rift in their relationship or having a struggle of wills.

For those students who choose/need to go to study in Ireland, they are relieved of the pressure of the arduous task of deciding which universities are best to apply for. Not all academic institutions are created equal.


How does it work?

For those who are unsure of their career path, we bring them back to basics and discover who they are on a very fundamental level. From there, we discover what careers would most suit them, based on their natural intelligences and propensities, which in turn will help uncover which careers would best suit them, in terms of optimal social roles, work environments and how those allow him/her to thrive best.

For those who are decided on their career path, we would not only help them decide on what universities to apply for, but also examine whether their particular choice of career is the best path for them… For example, they may decide to study medicine, but medicine is such a broad field, so it is necessary to specialize. We would help determine whether their particular career niche is best for them, and if not, determine which ones are much more profitable for them in the long term.

In any case, we would involve the parents in the process, so they can know what was fully discussed.

Get in touch! 

It is best to talk with us on the phone so that we can get a very good idea on where your child is in his/her life, and how we can best tailor our career guidance approach to his/her needs and situation.

There are two ways you can get in touch with us:

If you can talk right now, please call us on +353 1 278 8013

Alternatively, if you can’t talk for a while, but wish to arrange for a video call, please follow this link, and our Personal Assistant, Mattias, will be happy to run you through how the whole career process works and how it would best help you and your child.


On a last note…

It is extremely important that your child has the headspace to go through any kind of career process, and that he/she wants to go through with it.

This is a thorough and comprehensive process, which can be overwhelming for some.

That being said, they will have the expert guidance and support to help with mapping out their career path, so that they feel they are not alone and so that you as the parents also know that you do not have to fo through this very tought process alone. Your child also has the opportunity to get to know themselves in a far deeper and nuanced way through this process.

We wish you all the best.

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