Delia Clarke

C.E.G. P.g.Dip, H.Dip Counselling BPS Cert B.A

Career Guidance Counsellor.

Professionally qualified since 1995, Delia is an exceptionally experienced and qualified Careers Guidance Counsellor. Having worked in secondary schools, further education colleges and with students of higher education, Delia is well equipped to meet the guidance needs of people of all ages and with a range of abilities and interests. Her extensive knowledge of educational and employment opportunities and her personal experience of working in the private, public and community sectors, add a value to the careers guidance process, seldom found in the profession.


” I am committed to supporting individuals to identify their career passion, to maximise on the  educational and employment opportunities available and achieve career happiness.

A successful life is a happy one.

I thoroughly enjoy my work and I look forward to helping you find the career that you are equally passionate about!”