What is Career Coaching?

The future of work is bringing fresh opportunities and change for all of us. At this time, you may be rethinking your relationship with work and what matters most to you. The smart move is to take some time now to work with a coach to consider your career plan and your next move. Looking for a new job can be exciting and terrifying in equal measure!


Are you asking yourself any of these Questions?


  • Have you already made out a Career Plan but are unsure how to implement it?
  • Do you know that you need to update your CV and/ or LinkedIn Profilebut are not quite sure where to start?
  • Are you wondering whether you should apply for promotion?
  • Do you lack confidence at interviews or struggle to get your examples across clearly?
  • Do you feel like you are under-selling yourself in how you use your skills and potential currently?
  • Are you wondering if self – employment is right for you?
  • Are you thinking about returning to work after an extended career break?
  • Does the whole process of looking for a new job fill you with dread? Is it one of those tasks that you keep putting off until tomorrow?


If at least one or more of these questions rings true for you, then this service is made for you! We give you the time and space to talk through what’s going on for you, create a plan for change and take the steps make it happen!


Our Career Coach will help you to:

  • Put shape on your ambition and take the right steps to make it a reality
  • Sharpen your job application process (CV and Interview)
  • Build a network of people who can help you
  • Save valuable time as you focus your job search for impact.
  • Stay motivated, resourceful, positive and on track, with the support of your coach.
  • Showcase your personality, skills, talents and experience to your best advantage.
  • Present your most confident self at each stage of the job search
  • Answer skilfully and concisely competency and behaviour questions at interview
  • Be guided by your coach through 2 mock interview.
  • Answer challenging questions with confidence in an interview.
  • Receive a summary report to activate your plan of action

Why Work with Us?

Our approach to Career Coaching is different. We realise that planning your career is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you live a happy and fulfilling life. That is why we work with you to take a holistic approach to discover your best self and seek opportunities where you will flourish and grow!

How it will Work?

Our flexible approach, is designed to meet you where you are at. Each of our clients are unique. Many people chose to book 4 coaching sessions to work through each stage of  the job search process.  Alternatively, you may choose to book- in for one coaching session for a specific purpose, such as writing your  CV, preparation for a job interview or when considering a job offer.

The choice is yours. We will listen carefully to your needs and offer you a programme that is just right for you.

Full Job Search Package (4 x 90 minutes coaching sessions)

Job Search. Application. Preparation for Interview. Considering the  Job Offer & First 90 Days


Session 1: Create Your Career Plan  – Get Clear on What You Want (90 minutes)

At our first meeting , we will take time to understand your ambitions, needs and concerns. Perhaps you are wondering whether this step you are contemplating will provide you with a harmonious work life balance? Your coach will help you to objectively explore all of the most valuable aspects of your personal and work life to make sure your next move  will allow you the opportunity to flourish.


You may feel that the something is not working and you need help to unearth it. Your coach can look at your situation objectively and apply their expertise and experience to help you plan the most suitable strategy for you.


You can trust your coach’s support and expertise to guide you each step of the way on the path to your Career change, thus hugely improving your confidence.


By the end of this session you will have taken the first steps to explore your Career Plan and be clear on how to take steps to make this plan a reality. If you feel that you are ready to embark on self-employment, we will set a plan in place to move swiftly from idea generation to setting up a business where you can be at your best doing what you love!


Session 2: Activate Your  Job Search   – Job Application (90 minutes)


Applying for jobs can feel like a lottery. It can be a lonely and disheartening experience.

Your coach will ‘buddy’ with you to ensure that you stay focused, optimistic and build resilience.


Once you feel ready to start looking at the job market, you need to be sure that you are set up for success.  If you are not confident with your CV and/or LinkedIn Profile , your coach can review it for you and suggest critical changes.


In this 90 minute session, we will work together taking practical steps to consider how best  to match your application to each role advertised. This will involve crafting a cover letter   and re – adjusting your CV and LinkedIn Profile to provide best fit.


An important part of this session is to consider the roles that do not you should not apply for! Our aim to point you in the right direction and keep you on track to find the best opportunity to allow you to be your best self and shine!


By the end of this session you will  get clear on:

  • Adjustments that you need to make to your CV and /or LinkedIn Profile and what you need to do to apply for a job.
  • The type of careers and roles that offer a best fit for you. Save valuable time as you focus your job search for impact.


Session 3:  Showtime!  – Job Interview (2 x 90  minute coaching sessions)

Once you are called to interview you will need to consider how to showcase your personality, skills, talents and experience to your best advantage. It is common that the selection process involves a number of stages to progress to final interview.

If interviews intimidate you, your coach can help you to sell your strong points and help you prepare relevant and impressive examples of your past experience

We will work together to prepare in a step- by- step manner. Taking a structured approach, we will ensure that you are well prepared for and equipped to present your most confident and articulate self at each stage.

We will achieve this by running 2 x full interviews lasting up to 45 minutes at each session. These interviews will be based the role specification and competencies for each stage of  assessment. Our focus will be on your communication style and personal presence, structuring your approach to:

  • Skilfully and concisely answering competency and behaviour questions
  • Rising to challenging questions with answers that demonstrate a considered approach and a resilient character
  • Delivering impactful case study analysis and/or presentations  to demonstrate your fit for the role

Each interview will be followed by a detailed feedback conversation and support notes to offer advise on how to sharpen your presence, focus and resonance


By the end of this session you will:

  • Receive a summary report to activate your plan of action.
  • Feel reassured and supported by your Coach Buddy who will work with you to keep you motivated, positive and on track.


Session 4:   Your First 90 Days (90 minutes)


Congratulations! You have been offered the job.


But wait! Are you sure that this is the right fit for you? Do you need to consider your options before you commit to this important life altering decision?

Your career coach can help you to objectively take stock and weigh up your options so that you can feel confident in taking a decision.


After that, it now time to plan your impact in your new role. It is critical that you make the right connections and impressions within the first three months of working in your new role. It is so important to know how to work well with your boss, seek clarity  on priorities and be seen to work proactively on feedback received. If your role involves People Management, you will need to consider how to communicate effectively , delegate and adapt your leadership  style. Working with your coach as your accountability buddy, you can be confident  that you are setting yourself up for sustainable success.


Many clients find it reassuring to schedule monthly check-in with their coach during the first 12 months of taking up a new role. This 30 minute power session will help you to proactively  manage your career and nip any niggling concerns in the bud so that you can move forward with confidence. This can be especially helpful if you are new to people management or are seeking a promotion.


By the end of this session you will:

  • Receive a summary report to activate your plan of action.
  • Feel reassured and supported by your Career Coach who will work with you to keep you motivated, positive and on track.


Ready to go ahead?

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