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    Are you a HR Professional who needs Instant, Expert, Discreet, Short-term Support? If so, click here!

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  • Career Guidance for Adults

    Are you an Adult wanting to use your Natural Skills and Talents to get the most out of your career?
    If so, click here! for Adult Career Advice.

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  • Second Level Students

    Are you a Second Level student choosing Subjects in school or filling out a CAO form?

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  • Third Level Students and Graduates

    Are you not sure of the course you have chosen or wondering what to do after graduation

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    How our clients benefitted from the Career Guidance Process

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                        Career Guidance Ireland

                               Andrée Harpur, Career Consultant

Clear Career Direction for You!

  • Are you an Adult who wants to discover their full potential at work?

  • Are you a Secondary School Student choosing Leaving Certificate subjects or do you need help to fill out your CAO form?

  • Are you a Third Level Student who is unsure about the course you chose? Do you want to drop out of college?

  • Are you a Graduate wondering about the next step on your career ladder, but are not sure which is the right direction for you?

    If you have ever said to yourself “I want to change my career….but it is too late” or “I want to drop out from college…but what do I do instead” then you have come to the right place!

We help you to:

Andrée is a Masters graduate of University College Dublin and a chartered member of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors of Ireland. She has lectured in Adult Career Guidance Theory and Practice in University College Maynooth and was also on the staff of the Masters in Career Guidance in Dublin City University.   Read more>>
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