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The ‘Available Places’ facility opens

Available Places – CAO – Careers and Education News The ‘Available Places’ facility opens for new and existing CAO applicants Tuesday, 22 August at noon. The CAO Available Places facility will open tomorrow, Tuesday, 22 August at noon. ‘Available Places’ are places that remain unfilled in particular courses after all offers have been made and Continue Reading

Looking for the Round One CAO Points? Find them all right here.

  Looking for the Round One CAO Points? Find them all right here<img height=”1″ width=”1″ style=”display:none” src=”https://www.facebook.com/tr?id=923227664489862&ev=PageView&noscript=1″ /> The first round of CAO offers for 2017 have been released. Are you wondering if you got your first-preference choice? Are you a nervous parent who can’t wait a moment longer? Or are you a current sixth Continue Reading

A Super Useful Guide: “After the Leaving Cert”

Now that the Leaving Cert is over and you have to decide on the next step, what do you do? This booklet brings together information from the NFQ, the points system, the CAO, HEAR, DARE and the NUI. It also covers the area of PLC courses and other non-CAO options. It is valid for 2017-18 Continue Reading

Going to College: New Systems – New Challenges

Many thoughts will occupy your mind as you prepare for college.  Will I make new friends? Will I fit in? Will I be academically able for my chosen course of study? You may also be worried about moving away from home.  Rest assured that most of your concerns will pass without too much complication and Continue Reading

How to Study Effectively. Plus some great Apps to help.

Studying is a necessary evil when you are in college and so we have put together some handy study techniques and advice including how best to study for exams in this guide. Effective Study Skills There is a skill to studying and it definitely doesn’t involve last minute cramming. Last minute cramming will do nothing Continue Reading